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Lifetimes Benefits is a group benefits broker with offices in Nanaimo, Duncan, and Victoria,. We create customized employee benefits insurance plans to suit individuals’ and companies’ needs and budgets. To find our clients the best price and benefits package we can, we work with all the major carriers. We’ll walk you through the plan, explain how benefits work, and lay out all the different options so you can make an educated decision on the plan that works best for you and your employees. We are specialists in hassle-free health and dental insurance plans. No matter the size of your company, we offer personable service guaranteed to simplify the process of applying for and managing your company’s group benefits. 

As Chartered Life Underwriters and Certified Health Insurance Specialists based on beautiful Vancouver Island, we serve all British Columbians with our industry expertise and knowledge. Our clients appreciate the high level of service and attention they receive.  

We want to work with businesses that appreciate their employees and understand the value that group benefits bring to them as well as to their company.  

We believe in supporting our community through charity and are a proud partner of Rotary International. Giving back to our communities is one of our greatest joys. 

Why Choose Us?

Taking care of your employee’s health comes at a cost, and with rising medical and life expenses, as a business owner, you need to make sure you’re getting the best employee benefits package possible. We know it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the details when setting up employee benefit insurance plans for your organization. 

Lifetime Benefits can be your plan administrator for group benefits by handling all administration tasks and employee onboarding so owners can be completely hands-free. As an added bonus, we provide free financial planning tools for company owners and staff members at no additional cost. 

About Us

Our ideal clients are Micro, Small, and Medium-sized businesses that appreciate the high level of services and personal attention we offer. We want to work with businesses that appreciate their employees and understand the value that Group Benefits bring to them and to the company.
As a Chartered Life Underwriter and Certified Health Insurance Specialist, we bring the unique knowledge and education you need. 
We also believe in giving and investing back into our community through charities and organizations including Rotary International which we are a proud partner of. Giving back is our biggest achievement and joy. Learn more..

What is an Employee Benefits Insurance Plan?

An employee benefit plan for an organization is also known as an “employee benefits package.” A high-quality benefits package will help organizations retain employees and recruit new ones. In addition, employees will feel more loyalty to your company when their health and wellness needs are met. Finally, to help your employees achieve their retirement goals, you can combine your group benefits with a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or Pension Plan. 

Group benefits plans help employees reduce out-pocket health expenses. Some expenses may be covered by a provincial or territorial plan in British Columbia, but usually not all. Routine medical needs like doctor visits, prescription drugs, eye care, and dental usually have a portion left over that’s not covered. This is where a good health and dental insurance plan can help. 

The right plan is one that covers all your company’s health and wellness needs. And for any gaps in coverage, we offer Cost Plus / Health Spending Accounts. Health Spending Accounts (HSA) and Cost Plus accounts are non-insured flexible benefits plans that provide additional coverage beyond what is provided under the group health insurance policy. These types of plans are typically used to cover medical costs that exceed the limits of the primary medical coverage offered through an employer’s group health plan. 

What a Group Benefits Plan Can Do For You

Our goal is to make your Group Benefits experience as simple as possible. Once you select the benefits package that works for your company, we will support you and your employees with every other aspect of navigating your plan.  

What we can do for our clients:​​​​​​​ 

  • Consider us as your personal plan administrator for benefits 
  • We can send monthly invoices to email 
  • We’ll take care of handling enrolments, terminations, layoffs and salary changes 
  • We’ll send quarterly, easy-to-read, relevant reports 
  • We’ll help with structuring payroll deductions 

Imagine an experience where you don’t need a computer login for your benefits, where all you need to do is send a quick note and it gets taken care of. And when you have a question, it gets answered… Fast.  

We offer that experience…at no additional cost. 

Here's What Our Group Benefits Plans Include:

Prescription Drugs 
If you become sick or injured, you may need pharmaceutical assistance. Our plans cover most drugs that are prescribed by a licensed physician.  

Trips to the dentist are often one of the most significant health expenses. Dental insurance plans can cover major expenses such as surgery, crowns, dentures, prosthodontic services and orthodontics, in addition to routine tasks such as oral examinations, cleaning, X-rays, fluoride and fillings. 

Short-Term/Long-Term Disability 
Nobody imagines losing the ability to earn a living, which is why planning ahead with insurance is so important. Disability insurance can protect your income if you become disabled or injured and unable to work. 

Extended Health 
These benefits cover many necessary practitioner services to optimize your health. They include vision (glasses/contacts), chiropractic, massage therapy, physiotherapy, nutrition, naturopathy, podiatry, speech therapy, kinesiology, osteopathy, orthotics, hearing aids and dietetics.  

Mental Health 
Canadians are struggling with mental health now more than ever. We offer a range of services so your employees can get the support they need.  

Employee Assistance Program and Perks 
When employees feel that their employer cares about their well-being, the company experiences higher production and job satisfaction. Employee Assistance Programs offer counseling, coaching, and more, including gym memberships, vitamins, and sports equipment….all to facilitate employee well-being. 

Personal Health and Dental 
Government health benefits don’t always cover the expenses you need. In addition, some employment opportunities don’t offer a group benefits plan. So, if you are self-employed or a contract worker, retired, work part-time, are a student, or want to supplement your insurance plan, we have a plan for you. 

Health and Wellness Spending Account 
This benefit offers employees additional health-related expenses above and beyond what is covered in their plan. It can also be a stand-alone plan giving your employees a flexible allowance to choose the exact benefits they need and use. It also serves as a tax advantage to your company, as all expenses can be written off and employees receive the money tax-free. 

Group RRSPs and Pensions 
Your employees will feel that their retirement goals are intact with our flexible RRSP and pension plans. We have options to cover any company size and financial planning objectives.  

Personal Health Insurance

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